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Have a Computer Privacy Problem?

You have a privacy problem now if you are:

    - storing your personal or sensitive information on a local computer that is shared by others, or
    - storing your personal or sensitive information on any Cloud-based file storage service, or
    - using an E-Mail service without first hiding your content.

This application solves your problem by enabling you to be confident that hackers, spies, and service providers will not be reading about - or data mining - your love life, your proprietary business information, your health thoughts, or any other idea that you have created and stored in your computer’s file system and share over the Internet with a friend, loved one, or trusted professional.

If you are alarmed by hackers, spies, and service providers reading your E-Mail attachments, then use Privacy Envelope.

If you are alarmed that your photos, movies, E-Mail, contacts, business and sales plans, or any of your private files which are stored in a Cloud-based environment are exposed to your business competitors then use Privacy Envelope.

Don’t have a “celebrity moment” if and when your photos are stolen.  Keep your private moments private.

Use Privacy Envelope before sending your files and messages over the Internet. Use it for Mail attachments, Messages app attachments, and for all your sensitive files stored on your personal computer hard drive as well as in a "cloud" service.

A new and free app, “Privacy Envelope Lite”, is available to ensure that all Mac OS X users will be able to Reveal a received file from other Privacy Envelope users.

​“It's Not Secure Unless YOU Scramble It.”

Welcome To Privacy Envelope

Privacy is the new currency. Get yours.

Privacy Envelope Can Solve Your Problem

Privacy Envelope can solve your problem by transforming your information so others cannot read or use it without your allowing them to do so.

Privacy Envelope:

    - Is simple to use, yet elegant and powerful.
    - Has no “back doors”.  No hashing.  No prime numbers.

Privacy Envelope is a simple-to-use application which does not use Servers and does not use Subscriptions.  All operations of Scrambling and Revealing of data files are performed by the users themselves.  This means that you do not need to trust any other entity who you do not know to secure your data while it is either traversing through the Internet or stored on a provider’s E-Mail or Cloud storage Server.

Demonstration Video - App Features

Fourth Right Solutions, LLC.


   - Scramble (i.e. encrypt) files with a two-step process using a modified Vigenère binary cipher

    - The ability to create a new Mail app email or a Messages app message with a newly Scrambled attachment

    - Addition of a “Research” menu. Useful to learn the extent of a file’s 'entropy' when the Authorization Code is incorrect by even one bit

    - Separate the key bytes from a newly Scrambled data. Useful for hosting large files and limiting access to anyone with the Key file.